Dedicated To Making A Social Impact. 


Project 90 Workshop

The Project90 Workshop is a self-sufficiency Case Management model that is designed to help people become self-sufficient in the first 90 days of service.  Our model is used as an intervention to measure, assess, plan with goals and achieve self-sufficiency. 

The workshop offers Case Managers and Family Advocates clear direction in how to make a social impact in sustainable basic needs and life skills.  After our training, Case Managers and Supervisors will know if they are making a difference in someone’s life, have measurable data to share with funders and their community, and loads of success stories.

We guarantee the Project90 Model will improve outcomes for any social program or service and for any vulnerable population. 


Improve Client Engagement and Retention 

Eliminate homelessness

Secure income and employment

Improve health and wellbeing

Decrease domestic violence

Reduce Compassion Fatigue 

Measure Making a difference

Make a social impact

Use Project90 with any vulnerable population and with any existing service/program





"Until someone is stable and self-sufficient, everything else is unachievable."

Cate Jordan  |  Founder


Workshop Overview